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Our Royal Title

The Royal Buckley Town Band is one of the oldest known brass bands in Great Britain having been formed in 1822. It is one of only four brass bands to proudly have and be allowed to use the ‘Royal’ title, the others being Royal Oakeley, Nantlle Vale Royal and Royal Doulton from the Potteries. All three Welsh bands have had the ‘Royal’ title bestowed on them by Royalty, whereas Royal Doulton is the factory's name which the band took when it formed.

We are very proud of our ‘Royal’ title, although with the passing of time the actual date when it was bestowed to the band is difficult to pin point. It is certain we held the title in 1894, and was probably around the 1889-1890 period that permission was given, just after the Band had played in Hawarden Castle before the Prince and Princess of Wales (later King Edward VII and Queen Alexandra). We are, however assured by the Home Office that we are to continue with our ‘Royal’ title.

During the period 1870-1900 the Band was in great demand, especially at Hawarden Castle where the Band would be summoned to attend by the 'Grand Old Man' as Mr Gladstone was affectionately known. Bandsmen have made a point of passing down stories about the good times they had playing at Hawarden Castle and how the children of Buckley would all be waiting for the return of the Bandsmen to hear of the success of these very important engagements, which always culminated in the Band being thanked personally by Prime Minister Gladstone for their services.

In 1969 we had the very great pleasure of playing for the present Prince of Wales when he visited the Shire Hall in Mold, he spoke to the Bandmaster enquiring after our ‘Royal’ title. The Band again played for His Royal Highness when he visited Ruthin in 2002. The Band have also played before Princess Anne, when she visited the Buckley Jubilee in 1971.

As well as being a registered Charity themselves, the Band play at many Concerts, Fetes, Galas, Contests, Civic occasions and many charity events, even International Rugby and Football games.

They are seasoned travellers having toured Europe on five occasions and have a strong tie with Cerveny Kostelec band in the Czech Rebublic.