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The Band Room

We are very proud to have our very own band room…it even has our name on it made with world renowned Buckley bricks!

Having undergone a recent refurbishment, we would love you to take a look at the journey that our practice room has taken. From the initial rip out to the last chair being put back into place, we have photos of it all.

We would like to thank everyone who helped with this massive effort….thank you and well done!

The Bar . . . Yes, we have our own bar!

That’s right…we have our very own social room and bar.  This is our next project for much needed refurbishment, with so many players using the space every week. This is a great place for the band to unwind after a rehearsal or concert and, of course, a great place for a social!

We try to hold plenty of functions and social events as this helps us strengthen as a band and friends.

This is also where we keep all of our memorabilia from the many years that the band has been established…you are welcome to call in and have a look.